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Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is the leading professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne, Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides high-quality carpet cleaning services to all types of clients. We have impeccable background and years of experience with thousands of satisfied clients. Our carpet cleaner in Melbourne is able to steam clean any type of fabric and provide upholstery, soft furnishings, and drapery treatments The company follows strict guidelines in order to clean carpets safely while using powerful equipment that produces high standards of results.

    Welcome To The Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers professional carpet and rug steam cleaning services in the Melbourne metro area. Highly specialized stain removal focused cleaning for carpets, rugs, car seats, mattresses, leather lounges, and more. Locally owned founded company fully trained friendly courteous police cleared staff providing world-class results far superior to most carpet cleaners in Melbourne. Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a family-owned and Melbourne -based carpet cleaner. The company follows strict guidelines in order to clean carpets safely while using powerful equipment that produces high standards of results.

    Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides competitive prices, but because we are the best Carpet Cleaning company in Melbourne our services cost more than average. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service to be upfront with pricing, polite and quick then Pro Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaners. Let Carpet Cleaning Melbourne clean your carpets, upholstery, and/or tiles the right way with punctual technicians.

    We offer a variety of services to prevent the growth and spread of mold and other substances which might damage your flooring. We are trained in water, fire, smoke, or flood restoration as well as carpet cleaning.

    The carpet is cleaned using steam cleaning, and there are no harmful or dangerous chemicals left in the area after it’s completed. This ensures that only friends and family will have a reaction (or none!), not your kids or pets.

    We Are A Group of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

    At Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, our professionalism means we always take into account any carpet cleaning issue. Our advanced equipment thoroughly vacuums dust and stains while eradicating grease from the carpet fibers to restore your carpets back to their original look. And, don’t worry about cost – all of our great value packages are developed with no budget in mind. 

    The carpeting in our homes is an essential part of any warmly-decorated and comfortably-designed household. Whether you have carpeting layered throughout your home or only a few carpeted areas, the appearance, feel and durability of your carpet will make a large impact on every guest who steps foot within it. Allow the experienced and vetted team of professionals at Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne bring nothing but the best for your costly carpets. There are many different carpet types out there, including natural carpeting and synthetic carpeting; both are engineered to perform very differently as carpeting. No matter which carpet style you have in your home, it is still possible to maintain the beauty of your carpet for many years to come with the right carpet cleaning services. If you are like most homeowners, ensuring that your carpeting looks and feels clean on a daily basis is essential to your carpet’s performance and appearance. The carpet in our homes is one of the most vulnerable areas of carpet that requires regular cleaning, especially high-traffic areas like hallways or bedrooms.

    Our Cleaning Services in Melbourne

    Our cleaning specialists are highly trained and certified. For a deep clean, we also offer deodorizing and sanitizing services for areas where stains are present. You can request these carpet cleaning services by calling us at any time of the day. Pro Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is the fastest growing cleaning service industry in Melbourne. This is because more and more people have realized that they can do a lot by themselves without cleaning equipment and cleaning services. We offer carpet cleaning services in Melbourne that are very cost-effective and affordable. 

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet cleaning is one of the most versatile services our team offers. We provide complete carpet cleaning services to offer peace of mind that your home is the cleanest and healthiest.

    Leather Carpet Cleaning

    We guarantee that our method of cleaning will not remove your carpet’s color or shine. With top-of-the-line services from Superior Carpet Care, you can keep your valuable carpets and rugs in perfect condition.

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Professionally trained cleaners use strong and hot steam to clean all dirt from your tiled surfaces, scrubbing with rotating tools. Eliminate dirt and grime while preventing the growth of bacteria in your bathroom or kitchen.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Endless upholstery cleanings and other services–from rug refreshments to mattress cleaning– are offered by professionals. Our steam cleaning technicians have the most advanced technology to provide upholstery cleaning.

    Mattress Cleaning

    A professional mattress cleaning service can help to remove stains, dirt, dust mites and other allergens from your mattress using steam cleaning ensuring a healthy and safe sleep environment for you. We provide high-level service and steam clean your mattress.

    Vacate cleaning

    Vacate cleaning is vital when you're moving out of your rental home. As a tenant, it's best to make sure that you can get your bond back without any disputes; this is what our vacate cleaning services will help with.

    House Cleaning

    Sparkle and Shine offers comprehensive house cleaning services, so you don’t have to look anywhere else for the perfect home cleaning service. We're always flexible when it comes to providing our customers with a premium home cleaning service.

    Oven cleaning

    We provide oven cleaning services as part of our end of lease cleaning. Choose the vacate cleaning service to keep your kitchen clean and spotless inside and out. I will remove the oven door and take it apart, clean between the glass panels, and give the interior a complete clean.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    steam carpet cleaning will not only keep your carpets looking their best, but also extend the life of your carpets. Steam cleaning requires injecting large amounts of water under high pressure into the carpet where it is drawn back out with a vacuum cleaner.

    Commercial carpet Cleaning

    Carpets play an important role in the appearance and function of your property. They make it easier to clean – providing traction and color. Our skilled crew is knowledgeable about minimizing the downtime for commercial carpet cleaning.

    Blind Cleaning

    Our Melbourne Curtain Cleaning service provides blind cleaning, using the most efficient and effective process available. We use advanced processes and equipment to remove grime, dust, stains, insect marks, oil, nicotine and smelly odours. Rest assured your blinds will look bright by the end of the procedure!

    Dry Carpet Cleaning

    This advanced system is so highly efficient that carpets can be dried and walked on as soon after cleaning as you like. Using dry cleaning solutions, the oily residues on carpets are broken down, releasing dirt and stains so they can be easily removed.


    Leather Sofa Cleaning

    Leather sofa cleaning is a delicate process, like any other process that you take upon to do. Leather Sofas are one of the most popular pieces of furniture at home and office, due to their immense appeal and comforts associated with them. Leather Sofa cleaning is an art, and not all Leather Couches are equal.

    Rug Cleaning

    We provide rug cleaning services to Melbourne. We carefully consider the type of rug and its materials before selecting a process that’s best for you. Rugs are one of the most trafficked areas in your house, so they’re perfect for absorbing anything from dirt and mud to pet hair.

    Why Choose Us For Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

    Carpets and rugs can be a great addition to any home, but they can also get dirty quickly. When you see the grime and stains on your carpet or rug start piling up, it might be time to call a professional for assistance.

    5 Steps of Professional Cleaning

    We are a leading carpet cleaning company in Melbourne. We’re highly experienced when it comes to professional carpet and rug maintenance as well as thorough carpet steam cleaning and spot removal services. Here at I Carpets and Rugs, we have the best equipment to provide you with an efficient cleaning service. We also use eco-friendly products that are 100% safe for your family and your pets.

    Our Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne service is perfect for homes and commercial properties. Our experts understand that carpets are often a source of allergies because of the dust mites they gather. That’s why we use special deep steam cleaning technology where the carpet is vacuumed prior to the cleaning. This helps remove all dust mites and other allergens from your carpet, leaving it clean and healthy. 

    We have a team of experts who can identify different types of carpets during inspection so you know exactly what will be used to clean your carpet. We are also able to tell you if your carpet requires dyeing and repairs after the cleaning.

    Get Your Place Cleaned And Healthy

    If ever you want to choose the cleaning service that will give you the best cleaning, then check out with Sydney steam cleaning service provider as they have a team of cleaning experts who are ready to give you and your business top cleaning. You just need to call them up.

    Our Happy Clients

    Miranda Snyder

    "The quality of cleaning is excellent. They are dependable. A morning appointment is very important to me and they always keep that time frame. I also feel very confident that my home is secure during their visits. Merry Maids is not inexpensive but the quality of service and peace of mind is worth the extra expense I may pay. ”

    Harold Harrison

    “Weekday. The work was 21/2 hours straight. Two workers (my request) LR, DR, MBR, 2 full baths, and kitchen. Very thorough and attentive. My first experience with a cleaning service. Owner, Josh, eager to get the job done well, and very supportive. I am considering them for regular cleaning.”

    Debra Reyes

    "Got a lot done in short amount of time. House looks and smells great!”

    Kyle Romero

    “I love this company. Used them for 1st time yesterday & they did a fantastic job. Friendly personnel & very professional. I plan to continue using their services.”

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